Monday, January 1, 2001

About Me

I'm a humane technology artisan, and I spend my time crafting inspiring experiences with technology. So often, technology is NOT humane because it frustrates us, doesn't allow us to do the work that's important to us, and even more insidious, changes how we live with each other in ways that aren't in alignment with our values. My goal is to help build technology that is useful, personally relevant, and responsive to our needs.

I'm both a big idea person, and a person who finds great joy in diving into the messy details of human behavior. I have formal training in anthropology and cognitive science (Ph.D. in Cognitive Science, UC San Diego), and I did my dissertation using ethnographic methods applied to study HCI design. I've done work in the past working at a boutique usability consulting firm, and now I work for BitDefender, a security software company where I lead a team of designers and researchers charged with improving the user experience of all of the company's products.

I am happiest when working in a dynamic environment where I can be part of a team effort to design and study how technology can be made to help people do what they want to do, without getting in their way.

Things I do in my work life: Usability Research, UX Research, UX Design, Human-Computer Interaction design, Ethnography, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Focus Groups

Other things I've been up to lately: Crafting, building wearable electronics and light-up accessories, ceramic painting, hula hooping, acrylic and watercolor painting, making soft stitch toys, crocheting, building a fairy garden.