Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Building a Faerie Garden

Building a faerie garden is very easy.

First, you need a faerie. It's good to start with the faerie, because she (or he) will inspire you to create her a lovely garden spot. She will also, based on her size, determine how big things in the garden need to be, like fences, stairs, bridges, wishing-wells, and couches made of shells. It's best if you get your faerie as a gift, because then you will have fond thoughts of a person as you build your garden. You can also make a faerie yourself, which is arguably an even better way to come about a magical creature.

Next, you need a spot. I chose a location that is in a corner made by two wooden fences, that is visible from my kitchen window. This way I can see it from my kitchen, and it will make me happy.

The next thing is to begin to assemble materials. For me, this involved two kinds of things. One kind was growing things that I was able to buy at a local nursery. I got thyme, lavender, two kinds of sage, and a bunch of mossy ground-cover type stuff. I also got some small glass stones to make into stepping stones, and some shells.

The second kind of things were from nature. I collected sticks to make into a faery-sized fence, that I bound together with hemp and wire. On a hike in nearby Huddart Park, I picked up a rock with moss growing on it, and some mossy branches, that I clustered around the garden. In Half Moon Bay, I collected seaglass and shells, to make faerie steps into the garden.

The nice thing about a faerie garden is that it's never quite finished. I still plan to build a bridge and a bench for the faerie. And, I want to make my own faerie and other friends, so this girl doesn't get too lonely.