Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Paper Heart Wreath

I've been saving up paper towel and TP rolls *just knowing* I'd find something crafty to do with them one of these days.  I was inspired by a Google image search to make this lovely craft!

First, paint 2-3 paper towel rolls.  I used red Tempra paint, and one coat did the trick.  Before the paint dried, I sprinkled it with red glitter.  I found that my wine bottles made a great holder while waiting for the paint to dry.

Wine bottle drying rack
Next, I cut the tubes into 3/4-1 inch chunks with scissors.  Then, I folded them in half, and pushed in one side to make a heart.
I was surprised at how easy this was!

Sweet Little Hearts

Next, I cut a circular wreath shape out of craft paper, and glued the hearts in a fitted pattern.

Just a tiny bit of glue on the edge works great

Using some ribbon, I made a fastener.

Welcoming Valentine guests to our home

As a future design iteration, I might choose to paint the inside of the hearts with red or white paint.  I didn't think to do this until the pieces were already glued in place, but it might be a nice improvement.